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  • Advanced Search When you visit the page, you will see a query page where you can find a lot of search and restriction options, unlike the simple search. Searchable keywords can be entered for each field. Advanced Search Options come with "Keyword" and "AND Boolean Operator" selected by default. You can change the search fields by using the button that says "More Options" or you can use the Boolean (AND | OR | NOT) operator you want among the terms you will write query.

For example; We would like to do a research where the terms "diseases" and "nurse" are mentioned. In keyword query;

When you form your query sentence (diseases OR nurse), you will get 289 results. When you form your query sentence (diseases AND nurse), you will get 18 results.

It is seen that fewer results and meaningful results have been achieved in the use of AND operator; On the other hand, it is seen that the OR operator moves away as it pushes more in terms of results and meanings.


  • In the options offered in Advanced Search, there are pop-up windows that help you restrict the field of the term you are looking for, such as title, author, etc. You can limit the search areas according to your wishes. You can also do this by typing directly on the query line on the Simple query screen.

For example;

For work name search

ti:internal diseases

To search for the author name

au:Stephen Goldberg

For topic search


For publisher search



  • When searching "Word Exact Expressions", it should be placed in quotation marks.

For example: "internal diseases"


  • You can dash across words that you do not know the spelling of which includes * characters.

For example: *kan (in the form of * when you search using the * character, the system brings up the "kalkan" and "tarkan" terms as a result.


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